Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Things I Want But Don't Need

So....the age old debate - need verses want. 

Isabel Marant Etoile|Bloom Knit Dress in Blue [1]

Do I need this dress? Isabel Marant Bloom Tunic No. But I really, really, want it. I think this dress could make me a better person. OK, at least it could make me a better dressed person. And let's be honest, at $480 I don't see being a better person in my future.


See, doesn't she look happy?

And what's a cute dress without a great necklace...just a big ole disk of love.

Big and chunky and perfect!! I got my eye on this one...

And finally, a Tassel Shower Curtain
So frivolous and fun and so not necessary but...I want it. 
Oh well...can't always get want you what, right?


  1. Your writing always makes me smile!

  2. photoshopped thighs for sure! who has thighs that skinny??


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