Friday, May 16, 2014

Little Shop of Horrors and a Little Shopping

What would happen if you planted Carolina Jasmine by your front entry and then let it grow wild for four years?
No cutting, trimming or pruning allowed. 

Here's your answer.
Help! I can't get to my front door!!
Would you be scared to come in?
It's grown so much you can't even see the planters on my front porch!

I know it needs to be trimmed but for some reason I love the crazy, cozy look of it. And it smells great!!
(Maybe I should at least trim the piece that is traveling upstairs and about to enter Clay's room)

In other news it is time for a Coop Night!!
5 - 8
1930 Oleander Drive
Ann and Hooper have lots of good stuff....

Did you see that coffee table? 
Good right?
Hope to see you there!!


  1. I love your crazy, jasmine-covered front door. I bet it smells divine! I say leave it. It looks like some English cottage that's featured on The Selby or something. So good. And The Coop?? How amazing is all that stuff. So wish I lived closer to you ladies. I could hack my way to your front door then go buy some furniture later at the Coop. Ah, dare to dream! Have a great weekend, Sissy!

  2. i love the jasmine!! beautiful.


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