Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beach House Part II

More fun in the sun!!

Ground Level Game Room

Ground Level King Master Suite

South Queen Bedroom

North Queen Bedroom

Oceanside Screened Porch

I think what I love most about this cottage is that Betsy and Frank left the pine paneling and all the character of an old house, but gave it a fresh modern feel. I was lucky enough to go shopping with Betsy on several occasions for the house and the deals we found were amazing. To see it all come together is so rewarding and just plain fun. 
If you want to see more photos or rent this fabulous cottage you can get more info here.
After looking at these pictures are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yep, I need one too! To contribute to my beach house fund you can contact me at All donations, while greatly appreciated, are NOT tax deductible, but you will be invited to my house warming party and one overnight stay.


  1. ha ha ha. You make me laugh.

  2. Love this house! So jealous you have a friend with a beach house but I guess if I contribute to your fund I could have one too. Or maybe I should start my own fund. Hmm. Wheels are turning. Glad you're dipping your toe back in the blogging world. I kind of took a hiatus. Busy times.


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