Thursday, February 27, 2014

So Me

Have you ever seen something that just screams your name? Your heart starts racing and you get all jumpy and excited?

That's how I felt when I saw this outfit. No, no, no...not hers, his. 
I would wear every stitch he has on and be happy as a clam. OK, I might change the shoes but don't you love it??!! The blue oxford shirt keeps it from looking to "Mongolian goat herder".

Striped shirt, chunky necklace...yep, that works for me. 

Colorful braids and a statement skirt? I've been loving this look since I first laid eyes on Pippi Longstocking - my first fashion idol. 

Tassels and fringe...

And a whole lot of this!!!!
Want to see more? All photos from here.

After repeatedly looking at these photos I have decided my style is pig-tailed, goat herder who loves over sized accessories. Love, love, love. Does it appeal to you?

 I am off to look for a furry, black, goat vest, Guatemalan sash and gigantic tassels...I'll report back soon. 


  1. This is totally you! Any time I see anything with tassels or anything ethnic and chic, I think of you! ;)

    But for the record, I think you would rock the girl's look in that first photo just as well as the goatherder. Modern goat herder. Bohemian chic. Wanderlust lover. All you!

  2. This is a funny and charming post! I just happened upon it tonight.


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