Monday, November 25, 2013

Closet Before and After

My new closet is installed and I love it!!!
Things got a little shaky last week after the painters came...

I was not thrilled with the outcome. Colors, great. I especially love the blue on the ceiling but the cedar looked awful after it was painted. All the flaws were really obvious. Yikes!

I did like it better than before but it was not the smooth, even finish I wanted so I did what I always do...I panicked. After a good hissy fit I felt much better. I decided to wait and see the closet installed and then I could add backing or mirrors to cover any areas I didn't like. it is...

Ta da!
It's not a huge closet but I feel like it has doubled in size!!

It brings me joy.

Especially compared to this before!

And now with clothes.

I hung this mirror on a whim. The wall where it is hanging will be covered by a mirror cut to fit the size and will really open up the closet. I'll show you some pictures tomorrow...

A little closer...

I still need some baskets or boxes for accessories and belts and maybe a small stool to reach the top shelf. I also need new hangers...and maybe some new never ends!!!

I used California Closets and was really pleased with the service. If you are in the Wilmington area contact Jennifer Wells at:


  1. Looks great! In case you don't know, Ikea sells real wood hangers at a great price. We bought all new hangers from them a couple of years ago and they've held up well.

  2. This is a great investment in your sanity. Congratulations!


  3. Looks great Sissy - I remember the amazing closet you shared with two sisters - at least I remember it as amazing! I loved every design choice your Mom made! Hugs to Pat!

  4. You obviously inherited her talent - as did your sisters!

  5. Looks great!!! I'm jeally. You will enjoy that space for a long time!

  6. you need to keep that mirror in there its looks amaze

  7. Ok, I have serious closet envy now. Great. Another project to add to my list! :)

    Love it (and all your clothes too)!

  8. it looks awesome! I love it!! Happy for you! xo


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