Monday, October 21, 2013

I Went to the Furbish Fall Flea and Lived to Shop Another Day

So...the Furbish Fall Flea was a big hit!!
If you weren't there you must be the only one who missed because the place was crazy!!!
The whole day was a little crazy, it was a last minute decision to go so my apologies to my Raleigh friends who I didn't get to see. And I had to change my outfit at the last know how that can throw you. It was a little rainy and Pocahontas doesn't like to get her shoes wet.

 When we finally arrived at Furbish at 11:00 on the dot there was already about 75 people in line ahead of us...

Getting a little closer to the tent and all the action. I thought there should have been a special line for people who were crazy enough to drive from Wilmington and lacked youth and patience...maybe something to keep in mind for next year. 

Worth the wait...lots of great art...

Action shot inside the VERY crowded tent

And the less popular line to pay....

Some of my loot. 
Nothing big but lots of little goodies including some stocking stuffers.

And a close up of my favorite new clutch.
It was a fun day but when I say it was crazy I mean bonkers!!
I had to come home and take to my bed.
I did get to meet one of my super cute readers, Kate J. from Raleigh, which totally made my day!!
Did anyone else go? Were you overwhelmed?


  1. Definitely wish I was close enough to go. Boo. Glad you found some great that crazy-amazing clutch.

  2. Ha, love your comment about a line for those who lacked youth and patience. I feel that's me in a nutshell. Totally worth it though because your haul is amazing! That clutch is SO you!! Jealous I couldn't go but glad you got to!

  3. I love your Picasso! Apparently great fun followed by exhaustion.


  4. Jealous! Thanks for letting me live vicariously! :)

  5. Those are PERFECT little stocking stuffers. I'm so jealous that you went!! xoxo

  6. Dang. Should've gone. Absolutely love everything you got. Might've fought you for it. xxoo

  7. OMG - what fun! I'm sure it was a zoo though.

  8. Ahhhh a shout-out!! What a treat! Made my day too. I'm still telling people.


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