Monday, August 12, 2013

Fall Shoes

Yes, I said Fall. Can you believe it? Around August 1st I start to panic, summer is running out, school is about to start, schedules, homework, after school activities and then, before you know it, winter is here, and I am scared of winter!! To help calm myself down, I like to window shop for fall clothes. Does shopping calm you down too?

Sam Edelman Silver Metallic 'Jerome' oxford.

pic here
Would you dare to wear silver oxfords? I love them, but only if they are big and clunky, otherwise they look too jazzy dance shoes...not my favorite look.

Adidas Gazelles
pic here

Loving some good old fashion Adidas...comfy and cool.

Asher Heel in august-13-catalog-items
Seen here

And these are just fun...
I also have my eye on some great looking Frye boots...more on them later. I am just getting back into blogging and I don't want to over do it!!

Do you have a favorite? 
Are you already shopping for fall or still holding on to summer?


  1. I LOVE fall ~ my favorite season! Love the silver oxfords too.

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. YES to the silver oxfords and old school Adidas!! I still have my Puma's from 8th grade that I could rock..I'm ready for fall! It's just too hot in Dallas.


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