Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Club

So you know how much I love books...I love to read them, stack them, loan them out...I love everything about them. That is why I have such a love hate relationship with my NOOK. I would rather read a real book, but that dad gum NOOK is so convenient. Need a new book? it's just a click away. And boy have I been putting my NOOK to work, I feel sorry for the guy who is going to get my NOOK bill.

Recently I have read and liked:

Chicago's World Fair and a Serial Killer - some people just ain't right - and the scariest part? It's all true!!

Not even sure how to describe this...mystery, family saga, all good.

But my very favorite has to be:

I just loved this book!! 
It has it all: love, loss, food, New York and flashbacks to live in the South. What more could you want?
Read it quick and let me know what you think. 
Have you read anything good lately?


  1. You know I love your book suggestions - always spot on! I think the last book I read was Where'd You Go, Bernadette? after you featured it. LOVED it. So fun. I'll go pick up A Place at the Table and get back with you!!

  2. I find I am reading more on the iPad but yet, also miss the feel and sound of a page being turned. (Not to mention the way the beautiful books look in the bookcase. I want what the future holds for bookcases?
    I am reading Doris-Kerns-Goodwin "No Ordinary Time". Also, A Room Of Her Own which focuses on women's private spaces.

  3. I just read Dark Places and Gone Girl! So uplifting. ;)

  4. Eek, I loved A Place at the Table! Silver Linings Playbook the book was just so tender-hearted and lovely (I tried to watch the movie after but couldn't, it was too different and I wanted to chuck my tv out the window). I also recommend A Field of Darkness by Cornelia Read--darkly funny, whip-smart. I have tried my best to dislike Rainbow Rowell (I didn't like her first book) but I can't shake Eleanor and Park. The empathy in that book blows me away. Get it!


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