Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kitchen Part II

This is one of my favorite changes...

Looking at my old sink..sad. So sad

And now...LOVE it. We took down the wall and opened the kitchen up into the living room. I can now see the fire from the breakfast nook and the kitchen finally feels like a part of the house. 

Again, old view

New view.
 Isn't that so much better? It feels like a whole new house.

Looking to the right...

Looking to the left, happiness everywhere.

Old wall in the living room...
(I have got to get some color on my walls!!)

And the new view...
The rest of my house needs to step it up if it wants to keep up with my kitchen!!!


  1. I would be so thrilled with that kitchen too, Sissy. Love it all - absolutely beautiful! We redid our kitchen about 6 years ago, now I would do different things of course. It never ends.

  2. do you know what? I thought you had actually moved! when you took a break and then returned, I thought you bought a new house and were moving in! wow, well, I guess it is a 'new' house. looks great sissy.

  3. I love it all. I think the little peek into the butler's pantry might be my favorite, but the whole thing is so fabulous, Sissy!! xo

  4. I wish you could hear the groan I just let out over your mirrored cabinet doors. So fabulous.

  5. Wow, Sissy, truly beautiful!!!!

  6. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks incredible!!! What a great transformation. I'm so impressed...and partially jealous. haha xo

  7. Hi Sissy, Your project is stunning! I'd love to hear about some of its ups and downs.
    Sit down and have a wonderful cup of coffee for me in your favorite spot.



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