Monday, May 13, 2013

I Can Make a Decision

I know after all this desk mess you probably think I can't make a decision..but I can, sometimes. I made a lot of decisions when I redid my kitchen. And I don't think I ever showed you all the pictures. I was waiting for fabric and curtains and blah blah blah, but what the heck, I'll show you what I've got. 

Let's first remember the kitchen when we bought the house...

This is the first area I am going to show you, looking towards the window. 
See that fancy range, I cooked on that for 7 years!!
Can you believe it??!! Behind the range and bar is a small space that was used by the past owners for a kitchen table, but it wasn't really big enough for us, so we used it to throw everything that we had no place was delightful. 

We did try to spruce up a little by painting the cabinets. We didn't want to do too much since we knew a total makeover was in the future. We just didn't know it was going to be so far in the future.

About a year ago we had to replace the range, what a difference...

Then the fun began, we ripped out everything and totally changed the floor plan...and sold the range on Craigslist.
Notice the bar is gone and the wasted space is opened up.

Mirrored cabinets bring me a lot of joy...
These cabinets were Robin Stanfield's idea and they were the whole starting point for the kitchen. 

                                           And now this view

Looks like this...or at least it did at Christmas. 
It's a start, more pictures tomorrow.


  1. Looks fabulous!! I want to see more!!!

  2. Thank you for this post! I have a kitchen that I hate and this gives me both hope that its not forever and inspiration!

  3. So beautiful! Can't wait to see more ~


  4. Beautiful Sissy,! I love the under-mount sink with the marble counter-tops. Incidentally, I never had any doubt about your capacity to make decisions you just want to get it right. I share your sentiment.


  5. Love your cabinets are they custom ?

  6. It is fabulous! I am so glad you finally got to redo your kitchen.

  7. oh wao!! Love it!! What a difference! Of course you can make decision, and very good ones :)

  8. Looks fabulous!!! So clean and bright. My kitchen got repainted today. Hoping I like it as much as I like yours!


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