Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blow It Up

apartment therapy

So I am sure you guessed that I am getting the photo of Locke blown up...

a perfect gray

Really big...

love the oversized photo, love the space

Maybe 40 x 40

Oversized Photos

I am getting quotes on Plexiglas...

Love the white expedite shelves with black bins and oversized photo on top

And framing.
I have ruled out a giant canvas, I want the shine and detail of an actual photograph.

dark teal blue grasscloth

Would you do the photo in black and white or color? I am thinking black and white...

Big, fabulous prints don't come cheap, but I think it is worth the splurge.
Don't you?

pictures here


  1. definitely! can't wait to see it!

  2. Totally worth the splurge! And I vote black and white.

  3. Absolutely worth the splurge! I'm a big fan of b&w aaaaand each image you posted is amazing #pinpinpin

  4. Totally worth it! I am a huge fan of blown up photography!! xo

  5. I just got a 40x40 wood gallery frame from Pottery Barn on sale. Look at their sale frames and you will see it. It's a great, simple shape and would work great for you. You could always paint it or rub n buff it if you want it a different color.

  6. love the idea of a BIG photo. Actually thought about it myself...just don't know where to get done? Could you share your resource? thank ya.


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