Friday, March 1, 2013

Red is Not for Everyone

(I have been trying to post for days and dang Blogger is giving me all kinds of trouble!!
Sorry for absence)

This picture is from one of my favorite homes. I love everything about it..except the red. Switch the red to blue and I am good to go. I am just not a red girl. Once I even got into an argument with Locke at Walmart over a red pool-noodle. I wanted  him to get blue. It's OK, a lot of people fight at Walmart. In the end I did let him get the red noodle, but I refused to play with it.

More pictures of this fabulous home tomorrow. 
Are you on the red team or blue team?


  1. oh, you're the best. so funny and worth the wait. you know, I haven't thought much about it, but now that I do, I don't really have any red around. but I have, thanks to emily henderson, a huge crush on navy blue. so I guess I'm with you.

  2. Actually I love to wear red, but my home decor palette is more organic : mustard, coffee, sage. Blue is pretty but sometimes too cool for me! I'll leave the cool stuff to you Sissy!

  3. Definitely team blue. Not a fan of red at all. In fact it is my least favorite color. And I've fought with my then 3 year old in Target over a red shirt. She's 5 now and her favorite color is blue. :)

  4. You are funny! I am team blue but I don't mind using red in small doses.

  5. A touch of red is great but never with black. Sissy, your insights into all the minutia of life are what really makes me love your blog.


  6. you and the red noodle made me burst out laughing at Starbucks this morning- you are nuts! Maureen

  7. Ha! I'm not a red person either but it's my son's favorite color so I've learned to appreciate it (a litte). Also, I think small amounts of red can look very nice - in a fabric, for instance. But generally speaking, I don't really like it. Also, every now and then I think it really does look very good - like some red geraniums in a planter on a porch around the 4th of July.

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  12. I have a friend who refuses to go to Walmart because she says that every time she's ever been in one there is always some tooth-challenged mom screaming at a kid.


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