Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Need Some Privacy

It's time for curtains in my kitchen.

At night it's like being on stage, larger then life, with spotlights on you.
I don't know about you, but I want some privacy when I am making my tacos. 

I am thinking about this fabric from China Seas that Robin Stanfield found for me. 

My only hesitation is that the background is oatmeal and my kitchen is white. White - White. 
Does it bother you?

I think I am OK with it not being perfectly matchy matchy. 

roman shades in the kitchen, awesome pattern mixing and lovely colors

And I am probably going with a Roman shade.

no sew roman the baby room too!!

It is nice and crisp and I can raise and lower it depending on how much privacy I need. 

WE love the neutral gray and whites with the splash of yellow.   Ikat pattern Roman shade. Design: Lindsey Coral Harper. Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo. #kitchen #gray #ikat #roman_shade #yellow_accents

Pretty good looking, right?

kitchen remodel

Please vote yea or nay so I can bite the bullet and move on to the next gut wrenching decision involving my home decor.

(P.S. I would mount it at the ceiling)

pictures from here


  1. I have the same dilemma - kind of- I found a cute greek key-ish fabric for euro shams for my all white bedding (fabric is hot pink) with the "white" being more off white/cream. Debating on how it would look! But i think your floral china seas is so pretty it could definitely work.

  2. Yay! Go for it! Your kitchen is so pretty. Jealous.

  3. I totally agree! Everything doesn't need to match perfectly - in fact I like it better if it doesn't.

  4. I love the fabric! Go for it! It will be beautiful!

  5. do it! i love the fabric in your kitchen. i also like those roman shades better in the pics with pelmets.

  6. Love the fabric in the first picture. I actually think I like it better than if it was stark white background. It warms up the white with an unexpected twist!

  7. great fabric! your kitchen is gorgeous!

  8. Love it! Adds a bit of warmth.

  9. The paisley is classic and beautiful. I think your safe but I am not a color expert.


  10. This is my life story. I have been in my house for I think 4 years and have yet to buy curtains. I mean we have a wall of windows in the front and everything we do is for all the world to see. I love the fabric you chose and am OK with it not being white white. And I mean, what wouldn't look good in that kitchen? Just pinned that nursery pic btw. That will be my inspiration for our yet to be conceived baby's nursery! xoxo

  11. yay. I kind of love mixing white and off-white, even though you're "not supposed to." And a roman would be perfect!

  12. just came across your blog on nest egg. my blog is called "bluemopheads." my floral design business is called "mopheads" but that name was taken. check it out:

    i think you should go for the window treatment.

  13. It might be a little wild but it has a white background-- Blue Dragon by Design Legacy? Similar feel to the China Seas, similar colors. I love a roman shade in the kitchen!

  14. Definitely YES on the roman shade and that fabulous paisley fabric. I like that it's not white white...hope you do it! Good luck.
    xo Nancy

  15. I like it too, and I'd definetly go with something you can raise and lower. I certainly enjoy being able to see out my kitchen during the day.

  16. I am always late to the party and odd man out. It bothers me that it isn't white. So sorry, but you asked and I think you are looking for total honesty. I love your blog, and am now a new follower.


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