Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mrs. Green Jeans

So...while picking up some new jeans for Clay, I saw these green cords at Old Navy...

Love the color and they were only $8. 
I have socks that cost more than $8.

Hurry over and get you a pair...I think they will be super cute through the spring.

I am going to wear them with one of these striped tops....

Green cords and stripes will make me extra happy. 

(Look for them in the clearance section...and FYI, I had to size up to get them over my calves. I like a little breathing room in my pants, otherwise they were like leggings and green leggings only work for elves)


  1. did Gwyneth go to a book signing in cut offs and flip flops? That might be a little TOO "laid back" in my book.

    Love the cords!

  2. cute. and they look great on you. but first I gotta lose a few winter lbs.

    you need to know I walked all over two michaels and couldn't find a tray like you featured a few weeks ago. bummer. but that's just how much influence you wield around the nets, you know.

  3. I got the same pair a couple of weeks ago! Love 'em!

  4. Stop it right this second. 8 dollars!?!? Um and you are so tiny!!! Love the idea of wearing with stripe shirts!! xoxox


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