Friday, March 8, 2013

Furry Spring

I know it is almost spring but I want...

A faux fur coat.

I think it would be great with jeans and a tee for spring.
Cute and a little unexpected.

How great is this one??!!


I am on the hunt...wish me luck!!

Pictures: poodlecoatcoathere


  1. I guess your search for a fur coat is too late, since it’s almost springtime, but I think you can still keep the coat and use it for the next winter season. If I’ll choose among the photos posted here, I’ll personally pick the coat on the last pic. It’s perfect with the jeans and the brown handbag. I hope you can find the fur coat that you like as soon as possible before spring officially comes. :)

    [ Joel Salmon ]

  2. I bet you can find some on sale right now!!!! I wish I had gotten some furry coats for the winter and now I'm really regretting it after seeing these pictures. Maybe there's still time in Dallas? xo

  3. Sissy, I know nothing will stop you.



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