Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm Not Your Grandmother But...

I have been looking for a good shower cap...


Pretty cute right? Check out all the fun designs here
Now I have to decide what size I am, bouffant or classic.

And no I am not 80, but since I got my new shorter haircut, I have been using a shower cap that I got in a hotel bathroom kit. It is time to step it up. I have also been using...

Can you tell what it is? 
Dry Shampoo. Have y'all used this stuff? It really works!!
Pretty soon I will be going to the beauty parlor to have my hair washed and set once a week. 

Anyone else use these? Shower cap or dry shampoo?


  1. ohmygoodness. you made my day. TOO funny! woulda never thought you the shower cap kinda gal! do you also wear stockings rolled up just past the knee??

    we NEED to see a pic of your shorter hair, pronto. bet it looks nothing like a grandmother's...

  2. I ditto Donna - you have to show us your hair. Did I tell you I'm thinking of lopping off some of my hair too. I am SO ready! I must admit, I've never used a shower cap. If I'm not washing my hair, I just throw it up in a bun and try not to get it wet. Very low-tech. That is a cute shower cap, though. But, I have used dry shampoo. Not a huge fan. It makes my hair feel funky. But maybe I haven't found the right kind yet. I should try the Suave! Oh, and my MIL still gets her hair done once a week at the beauty parlor.

  3. Oh Sissy, Yes, I cut my hair and now it lacks body at least on "bad hair days". The last time I used dry shampoo was during a hospital stay. It will require some work to think of it as dare I say sexy. Had not thought of a shower cap. Incidentally, your writing is strong.


  4. Dry shampoo has always intrigued me, but I've never tried it. Tell us more...

  5. Lily LOVES dry shampoo bc she does not love to wash her hair. Yuk. Seems to work, though. And I love that shower cap. I use the ones from hotel kits on the days after Rob does my hair bc I can get away with it!!

  6. I saw those shower caps at Protocol recently. I could definitely use a shower cap on the days when I have blown out my hair and don't want to get it wet yet!


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