Monday, January 7, 2013

Renovating is Contagious know how I just finished renovating my kitchen? And I love it and it brings me tons of joy and I should be happy and satisfied for at least 10 minutes, right? Well I am not. Because renovating is contagious and the bug has moved to my dining room. Thankfully Bill TOTALLY understands and is encouraging me ...sort of. 

So the first piece of the puzzle is this fab rug..

Doesn't it just make this room? And speaking of rooms I am loving everything about this one. My sister, Betsy, is at Ikea as we speak, hopefully, picking this up for me (Thank you Betsy) Please, please, please let it be in stock!! I won't beg for anything else for an entire week!!

Up next, chairs upholstered in blue velvet. 

I could go traditional or modern....just depends on what I find for the right price. 

Right now I am leaning towards a more modern look, especially since I have a farm table in my dining room and that pig needs some lipstick!!

That's all for now. Aren't Mondays fun?


  1. I LOVE that rug so much. The Ikea version is insane, but they do not carry it at the store in Dallas which is such a bummer. I hope your sister finds it. I have a farm table as well and while I don't have any chairs yet (i've only been in my house for four years.. haha), I would LOVE to put really modern chairs with it and maybe a chandelier. Anyway, I love the pictures you chose for inspiration..totally my style so I'm sure it will look amazing with whatever you choose! xo

  2. Your room will be fabulous when it is finished!

  3. That first room is one of Nate's, right? So of course, I love it. I think modern chairs with your farm table would be amazing. And blue velvet? Duh. Fabulosity (ok, so it's not a word but just go with it) will ensue!


  4. My sister Rach almost bought that rug at Ikea last week for her living room - but is scared the white part will get filthy. I keep telling her to go for it - I love it! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  5. Blue velvet chairs, yes ma'am! Can't wait to see it. Wowee!


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