Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Burning down the House

I saw a picture on Natalie's blog of her burning Christmas tree and I thought "What a great idea! Sure our tree was already out by the curb, but all Bill had to do was drag it back in and put the tree stand back on and then it was show time. 

And what a show. 

It started off a little slow and then...

Poof! It was like a giant flaming torch. Unbelievable!! Clay loved it but Locke was scared and ran inside, he thought we were going to burn the house down. (Cricket was spending the night out so she missed the pyro show)

And then it was over. Thankfully the fire department did not have to come although we were amazed at how high the flames went. It was amazing. We put the tree on the driveway far from any trees or vegetation and we had the hose on ready to go so there was really no danger (or not much) but lots of excitement!! But I now know why you are not allowed to burn trash in your is an accident waiting to happen. 

Can't wait to torch the tree again next what can I burn in the meantime? 


  1. COOL! My 16 yr old son would love this - filing away for next year.

  2. Uh-oh, sounds like Sissy might have turned into a pyromaniac! Ha, just kidding. Sounds like fun. Matt dragged ours into the woods behind our house to decompose already, but we had a bad experience with backyard fireworks one year that scared us to death so I'm not sure we could've handled it. I love a good bonfire though!

  3. Did it scare you at how quickly it burned? My dad hates we always have a live tree because he knows so many who have lost their homes because of a fire. I do love my live tree but have seen how quickly it torches when lit...i always unplug at night and if we leave for this very reason...Happy New Year!

  4. Yikes!!! Can I do this with a fake tree? I hate it, but my husband won't get a real one. Maybe if it mysteriously goes up in flames, he'll realize how dangerous they are. haha! xoxo

    PS thank you for the comment yesterday! I am so happy you like my blog :) Adding you to my blogroll now that you're back!!

  5. Yikes! Looks like it was fun. I don't want to take my tree down but this looks like a festive way to do it!

  6. Pyromania at its finest :) LOL. Love that you can't wait to torch your next tree.


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