Friday, December 14, 2012

Star Light Star bright

Did you ever in all your whole life see such a fabulous star?

Because of the reflection of the 1 million sequins it was really hard to get a good photo. Or maybe my star is just not very photogenic, it runs in the family. I am sure it is not my photography skills. Here I took it off the tree and tried it on my new cowhide hide because dang! that rug looks good with everything.

Then I tried it sitting on my new counter tops against my new back splash. 
Still not showing off it's true beauty. 

Final thoughts? I am filled with joy every time I see this star sitting on the top of my fat, fluffy Christmas tree. My kids had a ball working  on it as did most of the neighbor kids and even some of my friends. It definitely took a village and we still have to finish the year. 


  1. that's a great star Sissy! A little perplexed why so many people participated but it does look good- MW

  2. Sissy, Twinkle twinkle, someday at least one of those children who made that star will look back and remember you.


  3. looks like the star is filled with marbles in the first photo.

    love it sissy. handmade ornaments are our most treasured! donna

  4. So so pretty! I love the colors and how it gives off such a glow on top of your tree!


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