Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Cake

I want to add more brights to my life and I think I may start with...

The world's happiest cake.
All details here. I don't even think I would frost it. I would leave it just as it is. Maybe pass out some bowls of icing for dipping, but I love the way it looks too much to cover it up. It won't be so bad turning another year older if I have this happy cake to to fill me up. Don't you love it?
picture here


  1. That cake is amazing! Can you imagine what would happen if you showed up at a Phish Concert with this cake???

  2. This is perfect for you upcoming bday. I can see it with a scoop of birthday cake ice cream on the side:)

  3. OK, so I may the the only person on the planet who wouldn't want to eat that cake. I grew up thinking dyes in my food was big fat no no.
    I am all for festive color... on something that isn't going in my belly.

    Happy Pre Birthday Sissy.

    mb from big D.

  4. Happy early birthday!!! That cake would make anyone's day brighter.

  5. It is very happy indeed! I love it! I would think eating that cake would induce childhood like giggles.


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