Friday, November 4, 2011

Update on Cowgirl Dorothy

My readers are the best!! You not only found my boots, you found me several DIY's.

Still loving them, but not loving the price. Not even close!!

Several smart bloggers also love the glitter bootie and made their own.

They both used a boot from Old Navy that is now on sale for $24. I'm tempted are you?


  1. Very tempting. Thinking my 11 year old daughter would have a blast with this! Happy Friday

  2. Hmm. I was thinking of heading to Old Navy today anyway. Might need to pick up a pair. I've been seeing sparkles everywhere. I say you should definitely go for it, you crafty girl!

  3. The DIY version is fabulous!! Plus, think of what else you could buy by saving that much money :)

  4. For $24 how could you go wrong. If the glitter doesn't work you could always use wallpaper or stripes. Think of them like a foyer:)

  5. How sparkly! I think they sure are fun.
    I do like the gold zippers on the ones in the Cowgirl Dorothy post.

  6. yes these boots are def gr8!


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