Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Package

Look what I got in the cute.
I almost didn't want to open my festive little package.

Girl's got style.
And inside...

The belt I ordered from Novica. I love it!!
It is even better than expected!!!

And it looks fabulous with my Poet dress.
Did you order one? If not your procrastination has paid off, the dress has been reduced again! I know, it is practically free. Here.

And you can get a belt here.
Can't wait to wear it with denim and khakis and just about anything.
Thank you Novica!!!


  1. I did order a poets dress last week (good find girl!) and it WAS reduced. It will probably look totally different on me.....we'll have to go on that E! show- Who Wore it Better!

  2. Love the belt with the dress! Such a perfect fall outfit. Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. So fab. Love the belt - would be great with jeans & some kickin boots too.


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