Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This is important

Saw this dress a while back and loved it!! Saw it again this week on Little Blue Dear and decided I might need it. For fall. I know, you are probably thinking a white dress for fall, really? Well, yes, really. Picture it with layers and the winner of my boot contest...

OK So it wasn't really a contest except in my mind but these guys won. Once they arrived there was really no competition.

They looked good. I had to send Charo back.

Now here's the part where you become really helpful and save the day...who knows where I can get that white dress?
Please? Anyone?


  1. Love the dress, can I find out the brand so I can get one:)

  2. It's Calypso St. Barth, but I think it was a summer style and they no longer have it. Good luck! I know this cause I saw it recently on Pinterest, so maybe you can check with this blogger and see if she knows anything:

    (Scroll way down to see same pic)

  3. I want that dress too! Let me know if you find out where to get it.

  4. So cute and the boots are the perfect accessory!!

  5. Very cute! Good luck with the lead above - let us know if you find it!


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