Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

Saw The Help and loved, loved, loved it!! Everyone looked just like I thought they would!!

Saw some sweaters at The Gap and

...did not love, love, love them.
It's like a bad 80's flashback.

And am I the only one who thinks Brad Pitt is a little bit of a cheese ball?
Just wondering...

Happier thoughts tomorrow...


  1. You crack me up. I think I'm the only woman who has not seen The Help yet! I loved the book, so I really need to see the movie. Couldn't agree more on the sweaters or Brad Pitt actually. I always thought he was almost too good looking and knew it. But I heard he was good in his new movie.

  2. Can you say Outback Red or Florenza...-PLEASE never come back! And I am team Aniston all the way so Brad Pitt- yes cheesy...totally agree. Once you've had your picture taken in a tank top with feathered hair, you're over....
    Happy Thursday! -Ann

  3. I 100% agree with all of your randomness this morning :) And, there's something about Brad Pitt that gives me the creeps a little. . .

  4. I have not seen The Help yet and will put it on my list.

    We just finished watching the boxed set of Downton Abbey - would highly recommend it, should you have not watched already

  5. loved the book- can't wait to see the movie, sweaters are hideous and I want to see a picture of Bill from the 80s with feathered hair and a tank top-just to compare-well, and to laugh!

  6. I haven't seen the help - it isn't out in English in Munich yet, but when it is, our book club members will be the first in line! Glad to hear from yet another source how good it was! I agree on the sweaters and Brad Pitt - I always thought the best thing he had going for him was his abs!

  7. I know, Gap is going wrong again.

  8. as for The Help, I loved the book so much, for so many reasons. The movie... I left with mixed feelings and I'm not sure why. Went to the Gap recently and it was a huge disappointment - what on earth have they done!? And don't get me goin' on Brad Pitt. ick!

  9. yes brad is a cheeseball, on a leash

  10. Loving the "randon thoughts"! Brad and the sweater and very cheese ball! Loving the frost and tip hair. Loved the book. Next step: see the movie. Thanks for the laugh!

  11. Don't know that I'd call Brad a cheeseball, but I certainly don't think he's that great of an actor. He's always Brad Pitt, you can't forget who he is and get into his character. Tom Hanks is very good at becoming the character, but Brad is always Brad.

  12. Those sweaters look like something Bill Cosby would wear, totally ugly and dated! Could not agree more about Brad Pitt he is a cheeseball and his hair/beards annoy me.

  13. you crack me your randomness
    brad is too pretty for em rugged! but he does make some beautiful babies..
    happy day!

  14. Those sweatshirts look like something Invoice Cosby would use, completely unpleasant and dated! Could not believe the fact more about Kaira Pitt he is a cheesebal
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