Monday, September 26, 2011

The Novagratz

Have you been watching Home by Novagratz?

I don't know what impresses me more, their ability to decorate a place in four days, or the fact that they get anything done at all with seven kids.

They put a great fun twist on design.

Their style is not for everyone...

And I don't always love what they do...

But they always inspire me and motivate me to take more chances.

What about you? Are you watching?

Ready to take some chances in your own home?
How much do you think a light box costs?


  1. I just put a zebra rug in my office and painted my bathroom walls and ceiling black...thats a little chancy right? I love the Novagratz...need to watch the show more often!

  2. I always forget when it's on. Everytime I turn on HGTV, House Hunters is on - without fail. It's weird. But I do like to see what the Novogratzes do. Always daring. Like you, I don't always like it, but it doesn't bore me either (like a lot of things on HGTV).

  3. I try to catach them every time they're on. I also don't like every element of their designs, but I find their overall concepts very fresh and compelling.

  4. I would never want to come home if I had to look at that full size photo of the man with his head in his hands. Deeeepressing!! Just saying! Like you said, it's not for everyone!

  5. I DVR it but I must admit that I liked their old show on Bravo MUCH MUCH better than this one. I still love them. They do make me want to take more chances with color and mixing things up. Although, I wish they would not repeat their concepts./ideas from home to home so much (like the photo wallpaper idea). I feel like we have seen enough Anne Carrington too. Love those ideas but not if they are in ALL their projects.

  6. I love that they take risks and that of course means it's not for everyone - but isn't it more refreshing than the same old same old?! BUT I will say I could never relax in my home if they designed it. They seem more like hotel/restaurant ideas where you're there for an experience.... not necessarily for your home! - Boo

  7. I watched them on Bravo and now on HGTV and just love them!!!!! Their home is my favorite. It's breathtaking. I need to get their book actually now that I think about it. xoxo e&a


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