Friday, July 8, 2011

Booth Update - Afters

This is a picture of our booth the day we opened.
Boy have we come along way.
That is my grandmother's (Crazy Bama) chaise lounge.

A couple of weeks later we moved it to center stage. It was in great shape and sold quickly. Even better? It was bought by a great decorator in town, Cat Norris, for a friend she was working with and...

She was kind enough to send us some afters. Doesn't that chaise look fabulous all dressed up in blue?

She also bought these oil paintings...

Chippendale side table...

And this geranium print with marbleized frame.
Cat, thanks so much for sharing the pictures!! Glad to see everything found a good home!!

Now it's your turn. Buy something then send me photos of it in your home. Won't this be fun for everyone? What are you waiting for? We just stocked up with lots of goodies, so head over to The Eclectic and get you something good.

The Eclectic
617 Castle Street
Wilmington, NC


  1. Oh believe me I want to buy something... I need to come by- I wanted the little brass starburst (I'm sure they are gone...) My little homestead needs a revamp... You saw my room (MUCHO HELP NEEDED!) what should I came buy?????...-A

  2. I'll be there in 8-9 hours depending on the traffic :)

  3. Where is your booth?

  4. You know I wished I lived closer - I would be in so much trouble if I lived near you!! :) Love seeing where your pieces ended up . . . good homes indeed!

  5. Do you sell over the internet? I live half-way across the U.S. from you.

  6. You totally prompted me to send those pictures I forgot to send of a reupholstery project to the nice lady I purchased my chairs from like...a year ago? Heh. I wonder if she'll get a kick out of them...

  7. Girl, you have GOT to get a Facebook page. I'm doing business so fast my head is literally spinning from it-- and how will I ever buy anything from you if you don't let me see what it is?! Because I am NOT coming to Wilmington until "humid season" is over...

  8. Awesome!! Love the pics with your items used in real spaces. Love your booth!

  9. It's fun to see purchases put into their new homes :)

  10. Is that sergent/fish eye/gold mirror from the top photo still available? Totally great! Let me know!

  11. But which kind of vougue are you relating to?


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