Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Brass Project

Thanks to T.V. and Pop-Tarts I had 45 minutes to run to my favorite shopping spots this morning. Bill said "Do not buy more more project!" Well, I didn't buy one more project, I bought three. I can't show you the faux bamboo desk and chair because they are hanging out of the back of my car. I am not as strong as I thought I was. But I can show you the one I did wrestle out of the car...see if you think it was worth it...

A big brass console table with mirrored side panels.

Right now it has a cork top but I am thinking more mirror. Plus I need to sand it down and maybe spray it with brass spray paint. Has anybody used that before? Did it work? And don't you think I did the right thing bringing this baby home? I am sure Bill would have been so upset if I didn't get it. Right?

PS To ekgm, there wasn't an e-mail address attached to your comment so I couldn't e-mail you back. But I did want to let you know my booth is located at: The Eclectic
617 Castle Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

Near downtown Wilmington, and a few doors down from Jester's Cafe. Stop by if you get a chance. Tell Randy I sent you! Thanks! Sissy


  1. can't wait to see this all finished! the piece has tons of potential!

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!! SOOOOO jealous!!! xo

  3. This beauty absolutely needed to be rescued! And a mirrored top would be the perfect thing!

  4. I am verdegrie with envy! and I don't even want to see your faux bamboo!

  5. That is good! I was put on a shopping leash by my husband but when I went to Ohio this weekend I couldn't help but buy more crap. So far he hasn't said anything. We win!

  6. I sent you an email about this-- GREAT find!! I want to come back to Wilmington and SHOP!!!!

  7. i think i need it! can you drop it in georgia? or ny? :-)
    (great find!)

  8. I would love to see a back painted glass on top or a sheet metal?
    show us when it is all done!

  9. Sissy, your favorite shopping source is crazy good. xo

  10. Wow, I love it! Well, I love anything brass, but this looks so chic. I love the mirrored top idea. Great Find!


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