Monday, June 6, 2011

I love books...

Especially interior design books.

I love to read them...

Look at the pictures...

And collect them...

And I love to stack them.

I recently recovered this chair seat, deciding not to paint the chair. I like it's aged finished. Then I needed a small side table so I used what I had, books. And I love how it looks. But now I need more books!!
Help! What are your all time favorite design books?


  1. An oldie but goodie is The Private House by Rose Tarlow?

    Do you know it? It is a thoughtful, beautiful read.

    xo jane

  2. I never buy them because they are sooooo expensive. But I love to go to the bookstore and get a coffee and a biscotti and just spend hours and hours perusing. Like your "table."

  3. Wow, Sissy, you have way more design books than I do. I've always thought I need a Kelly Wearstler. Maybe Hue or maybe an older one. I can't see which ones you have and which you don't, but one of the most unique I have is Jacques Grange Interiors. It's oh so French and oh so different than my style, but that's what I love about it. It challenges me!

  4. Oh, and my favorite is probably Celerie Kemble - To Your Taste. I just love her style!

  5. I'm completely in awe of your extensive many more than I have...seems like I need to get over to Amazon and start purchasing some!

  6. We are both on the same page it seems. I had a book dilemma last week and am still confused about how to set it up. Help me!...see my Before and After at

  7. Oh my goodness! I love books and magazines. Definitely my two weaknesses! Recently, I've been rereading my Nate Berkus favorite!

    Have a great day!


  8. I just bought UNDECORATE by Christiane Lemieux, it's wonderful.

  9. A post after my own heart! I have stacks of books all over the house and my husband hates it! Great pictures.

  10. looks like my home! i have so many faves- but one i really like is Interiors Now!

  11. Love the stacks of books! I'll have to keep these ideas in mind when my books get out of control...which could be quite soon!


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