Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Oprah....

Please don't leave me!!!
What will I do with myself from 4 to 5 every afternoon?

I have been watching you since I was 21. Back then I thought your name was O-frah.
Think of all the things I'll miss...

Book Club

Your favorite things...

Road trips with Gail. I have loved them all!

And your trip to Australia? Amazing!!

You rocked this dress!!
I would love one in blue..maybe turquoise or periwinkle...
That would probably help me weather my loss.

I do have to say I am really enjoying your new network.

My thoughts on OWN?
Your Behind The Scenes show is my favorite.
The Judds are just plain crazy.
Who knew I would like Shania Twain so much and I can't wait to see Sarah Ferguson.

I really don't want you to go, but if you must, do you think you could find me a spot on OWN? (And by "spot" I mean my own show) Thanks Oprah, for everything.
These last 25 years have been amazing.



  1. you are cracking me up. You know I don't watch Ofrah {really, Sissy?!!- funny girl}.

  2. oooh, the Sissy show would help with my Oprah withdrawal! Good idea!:)

  3. I know, I'm sad to see her show go as well. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of Oprah herself, but her show hits on so many interesting topics and there really isn't any other show on the air quite like it. I even get it here in Dubai so it's something good to watch here too. No OWN shows here though :(

  4. All my friends know I love me some Oprah! I actually got to go to a taping about 10 years ago!

  5. I can't believe it is coming to an end...tear! xx

  6. awww, i agree with everything you said. i think the OWN is going to be pretty great once oprah has the time to devote to it. for now, i am really enjoying watching shania twain and am also looking forward to seeing sarah ferguson. it'll be interesting to see how this goes. i sure will miss her.

  7. Oh, Sissy, you totally need your OWN show! Then I could be a regular guest and we could just talk about all the stuff we find in barns and on the side of the road. Perfect!

  8. well, if you and Kathy are going to be chatting about roadside finds and barn hunting... I'll tune in to watch that!

  9. My mom and I are huge Oprah fans and I am not happy about the end of the show! I think she should continue her talk show on OWN!

  10. I did some crying yesterday:(

    I know that may seem silly to people, but Oprah has really become a part of my life since I only watch TV two hours a day. Young and the restless and then Oprah! Now what will I do??? Funny post! And yes, she ROCKED that orange dress!


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