Monday, March 21, 2011

Room Two Ways

Today I am over at Amber's participating in her series One Room, Two Ways...
She has an amazing blog, Amber Interiors, that you have got to check out. It will bring you joy!

It all started with her own room, 3 ways.
Head over to Amber's blog to see my "One Room 2 Looks", here.


  1. I love that IKEA Rast hack that she did. The combo of the mirror and lamp, awesome! I am working on a Rast hack of my very own...will post about it when done. :)

  2. Can't wait to see your room two ways!!

  3. "I wanna hold your hand" I'm serious. I want that hand-thingy in your second look. what is that...? cool.

    see, you're quirky like me. I knew I liked you.


  4. I love what you did. My grandmother crocheted me a blanket when I was about that age, but unfortunately, I don't love the three shades of yellow now. I loved yellow then. But yours is fab, and so special. xo

  5. LOVED your post! Your son's room is fantastic! Always glad to find new inspiring bloggers!

  6. So great, loved both of your surprise there!

  7. I've already been there and totally loved both looks! Lucky boy!

    I've been looking around my own home now trying to see what I can switch up!

  8. Hey lady! Now I want to see more of your place! You totally inspired me. Pulled out all the old crocheted afghans and have no idea what I'm doing. Life is good!