Friday, March 18, 2011

Just one thing..

Today I am participating in a Bloggers Day of silence for Japan.

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I know I am supposed to be silent today Uncle Shun is from a small town in Japan, Onagawa, that was almost totally destroyed by the Tsunami. You can read about it here. I can't imagine what this small town and the rest of the country is going through. Please keep the Japanese people in your prayers.


  1. Sissy! I didn't know that! So sorry! xoM.

  2. I didn't know about this until after I wrote my post ... I still think we all mean well in reaching out and asking for prayers ... you have mine. My cousin Melissa who's pregnant and her husband just left Tokyo for Guam - it's so frightening. Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  3. Thank you for participating. Prayers for all in Japan. This is such a world tragedy.

  4. I will keep your uncle in my prayers. Have a wonderful week.

    [ Keep Calm & Blog On ] xo


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