Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Books of Happiness

This makes me happy for a lot of reasons, but mainly because...

I love books.

I especially love stacks of books.

I have stacks all over my house.

And right now I think I need to add to my happiness.

In the running: 1. The Sartorialist

And 2. The Selby Is In Your Place

Thoughts? Suggestions?


  1. I think you need both. impossible to choose. I also think I am in love a little with Scott Schuman. Have you seen the recent videos of him doing his thing in the streets? He's so cool...

  2. Yes, Scott is a cutie! I've always wanted the Selby in my house. Ha. I'm in agreement with APG, you need both!

  3. Get both! I love stacks especially under the lucite table :)

  4. Yes, treat yourself and get both!

  5. love them under the lucite, great idea.

  6. I need them all!! I only own Twilight books,I hate reading. Unless its called twilight. Sad but true. I like to rot my brain on video games. Decorating books however don't require much reading just looking.

  7. You're a stacker! So happy to hear that. I love stacks of books - they look fantastic. The books under the lucite table look great.
    Have a good day.

  8. I too, am a book lover and love seeing them in the open around the home. I like books to "invite" one to grab, sit and read...for that reason I don't like stacked on top of books, just a stack of books. Love the image with books under the lucite table.

  9. You can never have enough...books that is!
    I would love a larger custom library, but let's face it stacks of books and mags look great and can be quite functional!

  10. I love books too! And those two are on my wish list as well.


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