Thursday, March 10, 2011

Atlanta, Here I Come...

I'm driving to Atlanta today and will meet up with some other bloggers at Scotts on Friday. I am most excited. It is going to be a quick trip, just 2 nights. My husband doesn't understand why I need 5 pairs of shoes when I am only going to be gone 2 days. He also doesn't understand my new shoes...this is how I explained them to him...

What do you get when a good old boy marries...

A trophy wife...
Give up?

My new shoes!
Do you love them? I know! Me too.
Will I wear them in Atlanta? Probably not since it is getting cold again but it makes me happy just knowing they are in my bag.
Have a great weekend and I hope to have lots of pics on Monday!! Sissy


  1. Love the Greek food vendor at Scott's.

    Totally understand the SHOES & quantities.

    Will you be at the show on Sunday? I am !!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. I'm so jealous! Wish I could come! Have a blast and take lots of pics!!

  3. writhing on the floor here with jealousy. I mean that thing. YES, eat the greek food! buy something nice and send pics!

    love to you all! donna

  4. Oh Sissy, have fun! I know you will. xoM.

  5. I'm so excited! I can't wait. Love your shoes!! I've agonized over what shoes to wear to Scott's as there is a LOT of walking involved. Just don't look at my feet as I know they will not be as cute as these.

    See you soon!!

  6. have fun sissy. i used to go 9 times a year, it's my favorite!

    need any tips, here to help, but you will have fun either way; serious or eye candy fun

  7. I hope y'all have so much fun. Went to Scott's last month... hope to go again soon!

  8. Have a great time in Atlanta. I am guess who you might be visiting. All fine ladies. Take pictures.
    Love your shoes.

    mb from Dallas

  9. Adore these shoes in every possible way. ;)

  10. I just left Scott's! This was a good show! Get there early and dress warmly. Today was supposed to be sunny and beautiful..instead it was cold and rainy. So, come prepared and have fun!

  11. Jealous of Scotts and the cute shoes!!!!

  12. Can't decide what I am more jealous of...the trip or the shoes...and just know that I will be so jealous of whatever you come home with, including the stories! But hope you post both, despite my bitter envious, I mean "have fun Sissy":)

  13. Have a fantastic trip! Sounds like so much fun!


  14. Loved seeing you at Scott's! Hope you all found some great things!

    E + J

  15. the top pair of shoes, no kidding I had those in 1978, as a Junior in high school. Still love them. Well, yours, I don't have mine anymore!

  16. Damn girl, now those are SHOES.


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