Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a Sign & Bama

I think I got a sign. While looking through all the fabulous homes featured in the new Lonny...

Decorated with vintage finds....there it was...

(click to enlarge photo)
On page 103: Hillary's Dixie Highway Go-Tos.

Wasn't I just talking about heading down south? Trying to make up my mind if it was a good idea or not? Well, I think the Gods have spoken. Don't you?
Now I just need to find the time and energy!

And today is...

Crazy Bama's 96th Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Bama!! We love you.
I don't know if we are going to make it out today because of the snow but if we don't make it we will bring your cake tomorrow.
Hang in there!!


  1. Definitely a sign. On a two hour delay so actually had time to view the whole thing. Lonny, that is. Did you see the Kathryn Ireland pillow on the porch chair? :-)

  2. Circa Who is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! If you get vertigo and need someone to drive you to Florida- I'm there! I've been telling Hooper we needed to road trip to Circa Who for a long time! I could fill up a uhaul in a sec.! -Ann

  3. Sissy, I wish we lived in th same town. I want to go- I've been talking about Circa Who for ages. Let me save my $$. Happy Birthday, Bama!

  4. happy birthday to your bama. tho' I didn't really recognize bb without the gobbers...

    I am up for a road trip and I mean that thing!

  5. 96!! wow! Congratss and Happy Birthday!
    BTW we need an update....Is he still wearing is gobbers?

  6. Happy Birthday Bama! She looks great- and forget the cake, take a tuna casserole with peanuts! I used to love the Adventures of Bama stories

  7. Cutest picture ever. Happy 96th Bama!

    If you come please come have coffee with me!

  8. It is definitely a sign! Didn't I just mention Circa Who in my last comment about your Florida trip? I would love to hit that store in person. Perusing it on the internet is somewhat tortuous! Shipping a chair, sofa, etc. is just too expensive. I'll get to you, then Ann, Hooper and whoever else can pile in. I'm serious.

    Happy Birthday, Bama!

  9. Oh, what a wonderful sign...would totally follow it! Take care, Caroline

  10. Adorable!!! Happy Birthday Bama!!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  11. Oh, Lonny. My heart loves you!


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