Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From Russia With Love

So, while over at All The Pretty Birds I came across this photo...

I know! The hippest pregnant woman ever!

Worth another look, don't you think?

Then I had to find out who this style queen was....

I may be the last to know Miroslava Duma.

Russia's "It Girl".

Yes, she's Russian. Who knew?

Am I the last to know about this pint sized fashion star?

P.S. Do those first two photos make you want to get pregnant again? Oh, me either.


  1. No, apparently, I'm the last to know (as usual). She's a much hipper pregnant chick than I ever was. I especially love her in the little leopard jacket. Too cute.

    And no, she doesn't make me want to be pregnant again. Only little babies make me want to do that, but I get over it pretty quick!

  2. Ha! No to the pregnancy wish as well...and I think I'm now the official last person to know about Ms. Chic Russia since I just learned her name right here! :) Sure now that I am aware of her, will be seeing her pretty face and great style everywhere!

  3. I have to admit I kind of want to be pg again but not really want another kid? Is that weird?
    she is simple adorable but have you checked out the blog? Teal is one of the cutest pg women around! I discovered it about a month ago.

  4. She is darling! I haven't seen her. And I am with you... doesn't make me want to get pregnant again :-)


  5. you need to know this: I tried on several things at Ann Taylor today....

  6. Um, I'm pregnant right NOW, so this is doubly painful for me to see. But mostly because I look nothing like this person.

  7. If only I looked like that pregnant. She is such a cutie!

  8. never heard of her, either. No, definitely done here.


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