Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mirror Marriage

Sunburst and Atoll sitting in a tree

If this mirror...

Married this mirror...

I think their children would look like this.
Aren't they great looking?


  1. Amazing! And because of you I have stared at that Ballard mirror so many times...wondering where on earth I can place it over here...but I think I have run out of wall space!

  2. Gorgeous! I love it. I just added a Ballard mirror over my mantel, and I LOVE it. Although, it's super heavy and I'm a little scared that one day it will come crashing down in the middle of the night.

  3. you would be very proud- I put a sunburst mirror on the wall coming down the curved part of the stairs-of course Arty keeps yelling he's gonna poke his eye on it (so not true-who hugs the wall when they walk???) So to provoke him, I always say Ouch-my eye! Every time I walk by and he's home....

  4. Awwwwe, what a cute little baby, or big baby !

  5. Oh, that is a good looking baby!! Gorgeous, actually!! I have a sunburst mirror in my bedroom and I LOVE it. It just adds a little swank to the space :)

    Happy Wednesday!! xo

  6. Sissy, you're funny. every day. Okay, yesterday i was thinking am I going to order that Atoll mirror or not?!! Now I see that round one, and I think uh oh, is that one better?! And yesterday i saw a blue one that made me regret my BGW white mirror purchase...

  7. Beautiful! And I love the way you think ;)

  8. Would be a great gene pool.......are they dating? KG

  9. Sweet baby!

    But the white Daddy mirror is the most handsome in the family...

    If only he wasn't fooling around with his 5 rectangular girlfriend mirrors on the adjacent door!


  10. What a beautiful baby! I have such a thing for mirrors (and not because I want to look in them). I have been obsessing about those mirrors in the Ballard catalog too.

  11. I love the Ballard mirror, is it finally back in stock??


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