Friday, August 6, 2010

This and That...

I got several inquires about my bathroom wallpaper from this post.

It is by Thibaut. Bamboo Lattice from Spring Lake. I have to say I love it as much today as I did when I picked it out four years ago. For me, that is saying a lot!

Now I need a little help. Last week I found a fun new blog that I thought I bookmarked. I didn't and now I can't find it. It was called Southern Bourbon Something. Or Southern Bonbon Something. Have any idea what I'm talking about? If so, leave me the correct blog name. Thanks!


  1. I must have missed your bathroom post but I'm glad to see it - by gosh it's a beautiful room! Love the colours and I can see why you still love the wallpaper :)

  2. Southern Bourbon Mountains perhaps? (

  3. Missed the post, but it looks like you updated an older bathroom (looking at the tile and towel holder) and it looks fabulous! I like the old tile and am glad you didn't tear it all out like some people do. Thanks for your sweet comment about my blog!

  4. It looks gorgeous. Love the light too.

  5. Is that your bathroom?? How could I have missed it?? LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! And the wallpaper is genious!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!


  6. Love your bathroom, such a beautiful room!

  7. What a great bathroom. The pic is very "inspired by SBK." That wallpaper IS great. Well done indeed.

  8. Sissy, when I said my old kitchen wallpaper wasn't that bad, i was wrong. I saw an old picture, and it was beyond bad. It WAS white and blue, and I was at your house, so I think I thought maybe it looked like a cheap version of your fab wallpaper. it did not. xoM.

  9. I liked your bathroom when you first posted this pic and I like it even more now that I look at it again noticing all the wonderful details; like the shutters and grey is my favorite neutral - or is it more of a blue? Happy Sunday - Mad Men tonight!

  10. The wallpaper looks fab!
    Love your blog!!
    Will be following :)


  11. How is it that I never saw this room before! I love what you've done and the wallpaper is perfect.

  12. Your bathroom is darling. Love the wallpaper with that soft, blue-grey tile!


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