Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ann Carrington

Did you watch 9 By Design last night? I love those guys. They make chaos look stylish.

I also love the work of their friend artist Ann Carrington.

Probably best know for the Queen I checked out her site and found some other amazing pieces.

Mrs. Booth

Shell Ladies

Blue Jeans USA

Even more fun I found pictures of her home.

Love the colorful Queen!

Her home has a cool granny chic look to it.

Does anyone know if the show is coming back in the Fall. I am hooked. Love to watch their colorful life. Don't want to live it but like watching it.

pictures from: The Independent, A212, cmykaboom


  1. Yes, I did watch it, those flags were awesome! Also, loving the words granny and chic together, haha.

  2. So sad it is over! I hope it comes back.

  3. I'm not sure if the show is coming back or not. I get confused by Bravo's scheduling sometimes anyway. I mean, is Top Design ever coming back? Or is it a goner? I don't recall hearing anything one way or the other. I agree about Nine by Design. It's sort of like watching a train wreck - you can't take your eyes off of it.

  4. I loved the way she just whipped out a new flag out of jeans and ribbon.

  5. Me too! I've fallen in love with that family!
    Loved the photos you found of Ann Carrington's home and other projects. She's pretty amazing too:) Great post!!!

  6. I'm pretty sure it's been renewed. Love this show.

  7. love that show..loved that artist! thatnks for the post!

  8. Great minds think a like! I was watching thinking...ooooh I need to look up Ann Carrington! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love them so much! I think I love it more because Cortney is a Georgia girl. I love their style, their parenting, and the way they work together as a team. She seems to be the practical, get-things-done one and he is the artsy one. I really hope it comes back. I don't stay up till 11 for any show, but I stayed up last night! Great post, Julie

  10. darn! missed it...will have to catch a re-run. Love those crazy talented in a un-traditional way...

  11. Oh how cool! Love it. I need to catch up on my 9 by Design. I've missed the last couple of episodes!

  12. I know...fingers crossed they come back! So much fun. How great that you hunted down Ann Carrington's abode!? Looks every inch like her "style" which I love as much as her work!

  13. I can't wait for next season!

    So totally obsessed with that show.

  14. Saw the episode and yes I love Ann Carrington. Someone with class and talent. 9 by design, as a designer/blogger, is refreshing. Finally a reality design show that shows the nitty gritty and not just all the beautiful But I don't know how they do it with 7 kids! WOW, I am impressed.

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  16. All these photos are so mesmerizing (sp?)!

  17. i for sure have been watching it.
    i think ann carrington is way way cool. love her stuff..
    i hope it comes back in the fall. even though if im being honest the show is tremendously boring.
    i felt like they had to stage an ending for the last episode. even still i will tune in to see how much hotter wolfie gets..


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