Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fall Already

I know it is barely Spring, but I am dying over the new J Crew Fall 2010 line. It is fabulous.

I got my first glimpse over at Style Chronicle and I was hooked.

Today was 88 degrees in Wilmington and I loved every smoking hot minute, so I don't know why I am craving these Fall clothes. I think it is because layering is so fun!!

Pretty cute, huh?

I'll take this outfit...

and this one...

One big furry vest please.

And a big poufy that too much to ask for?

Jenna Lyons summed it up as "Edie Beale ( Grey Gardens) joins the army or goes to Girl Scout Camp". She evidently went to a way fancier Girl Scout Camp than I did. The only fashion items we had were "sit-upons." Do you remember those? More Jane Hathaway than stylish eccentric.
Do you love it? Too soon to think about Fall? Were you ever a Girl Scout?

pictures from: Style List, Style Chronicle, Habitually Chic
Heather Clawson from Habitually Chic actually got to attend a sneak preview of the Fall line. To read all about it click here.


  1. Love those ensembles, but there is no way I can think about fall attire having just put all my winter stuff away. It's supposed to be in the 80's here in NY today and I'm so excited by the warm weather! Have a great day.

  2. Love the fall collection...the big furry (feather?) vest is my fave! My first love is warm weather, my second is fall/winter clothes...go figure!?

  3. Girl, you KILL ME. Sit-upons! I made many of those...

    Love that puffy shirt....I'm a big Crew fan!

  4. Wow! I love the line even more now that I have seen HC's images. J.Crew continues to knock it out of the park!!

  5. These shots are amazing.... love the composition, and fabulous collection!

  6. Furry vest? Isn't that what Tina Turner wore in her We Don't Need Another Hero video??

  7. Wow, seems so early for Fall, but these are nice to see. I love JCrew.
    Have a good day.

  8. I'm still loving my spring clothes, but always get excited to see what the stores are thinking for fall! It's definitely one of my favorite seasons. I can't wait to see the new J.Crew items deconstructed from the overly-styled pics. Although they look great for print, real people just don't dress that way. Looks like they'll have some beautiful peices though.

  9. Lovin' that J. Crew is going Boho for fall!!

  10. I just laughed out lout at sit-upons!!!!!

  11. Amazing! Can't wait to wear some of those things, but don't get my wrong I want the summer visit!

    It's almost 80 today here and I'm stuck working away in my cold, drafty basement. So not fair!

  12. J Crew has been on the trend for so many years now. I love how they take whats currently in but make it their own. Does that make sense?


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