Tuesday, March 23, 2010

70's Styling

Do you have a favorite picture of yourself? One where you think "Dang, I look good!" I've got one. Want to see it?

This is it. Me in second grade. It must have been 1972 - 1973. Bill said I look like a boy...that's O.K. I think I look fabulous!! I loved this denim dress. I wore it with knee socks and saddle oxfords. What's kind of funny is when I recently found my favorite photo of all time it reminded me of...

Anthropologie Chambray Tunic

This. I got this tunic back in the Fall and have loved it. I try to be somewhat in touch with fashion, so I am not sure what it says about me that I am wearing the same thing I wore almost 40 years ago!! On a happy note I am wearing it with J Brand Black Jean Leggings and flats. No knee socks.

J Crew Selvedge Shirt

I am one of those people who think you can never have enough denim/chambray. This is in my "for consideration file". As I buy some Spring clothes I need to remember it is going to be 100 degrees here this summer and all I really need is some bathing suits, cover ups and sunscreen. I should be looking for clothing with the least amount of fabric that is still age appropriate. Instead I seem to be drawn to clothing more appropriate for Fall.

What about you? Do you have any favorite outfits from your childhood?


  1. How cute! We had similar "dos" back in the day...the Dorothy Hamlin I believe. Like you really love the denim trend. No photo to back this, just my memory. I had the most rad little faux fur and fur suede jacket, with embroidery, very boho seventies awesome. I rocked it when I was about six, like a mini Rachel Zoe. Miss that cute little jacket...

  2. okay, that is the cutest picture of you. I see Cricket in that pic!!

  3. tell Bill the ones from middle school were funnier-you look very cute here. My favorite denim outfit you wore was when you were pregnant with the twins and you rolled in to the office in a black skirt, denim shirt, fuzzy socks, clogs and a one inch ponytail! hahahaha Only you can get away with wearing it and looking cute!

  4. I don't know Bill, just know that he is wrong. :)

    You look so adorable and stylish! Ahh, to have it be so effortless most days!!??

  5. love chambray. I have one long button down top that I wear with leggings. When I was small I had a favorite blue skirt. My mom just found it and brought it over.

  6. great post! love those styles you featured. see, your style is 'timeless'....

  7. Isn't it funny how little our tastes change. I would still love my favorite clothes from the 70's. Or maybe that just holds true for those of us who always had good tastes ;-). People look at me odd when I say, "For me the test is would I have loved it at 13?" If yes, it's cool, timeless, sophisticated and a huge GO! Denim and chambray are such cool classics. Especially with saddle colored leather and white anything. Have you seen the Spring Ralph Lauren collection?

  8. you do look like a sweet little boy. my pics from the 70's have me looking the same way. in fact i know i had the same hair cut when i was in the 4th grade.
    i love denim too. but button downs look terrible on me so i pretty much have to keep denim on my lower half.


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