Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do You See What I See?

All these rooms have something in common.

Can you spot the trend? (This is my favorite)

It makes me think of spring.

I need some Spring.

I need to come out of my cocoon...

Or at least out of my Uggs.

So what do you think of all the .....

Is it just me, or do they seem to be popping up everywhere?
Are you a fan?

pictures from: Compulsively Compiled, House Beautiful, House & Home, Compulsively Compiled, House Beautiful, The City Sage, Elle Decor


  1. they ARE everywhere, and I'm not a fan. But I do love all of these rooms. That huge butterfly really does not do it for me, though.

  2. I simply LOVE butterflies! LOVE!(I am so ready for spring)

  3. I am ready for Spring too.
    Butterfly trend? Hmmm. I get my fill when I see them in a few photos. Somehow, I much prefer seeing them in a real setting, fluttering around. Now, that is special.

  4. Butterfly trend... a little goes a long way...
    not a bad trend just most will take it to far, hehe

  5. Am I a fan..I think they are fun, cute and fresh. I would welcome a small dose! xo

  6. They are definitely popping up everywhere - but I like it (in small doses!). I especially like the 3-dimensional framed butterflies. I spotted some at Homegoods - might need to go back.... Marija

  7. Not the biggest fan, but they look beautiful in these rooms (well, the giant one really isn't my style). I can't wait for spring, period. So, anything springish is okay with me now!

  8. butterflies are like the closest thing to umm..yes please and thanks.

  9. Butterflies!! Yes, I need some Spring too.

  10. What a pretty post! Your log is one of my very favorites. Your "about me" is so cute, it always makes me giggle.


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