Thursday, November 12, 2009

Butterball's Birthday

Today is Butterball's birthday. He is two!! Can you believe it? The past two years have flown...sort of.

We are going to have a small family party on Saturday.

Nothing big or fancy, but it is still fun to look at all the kiddie parties for ideas.

I guess I could spell out Butterball on cupcakes...but that is a lot of cupcakes. And a lot of temptation and I don't do well with sugar.

Speaking of sugar...this looks like a party my older two would love!!

If you are looking for party ideas, you have got to check out The Party Dress.

They have tons of great ideas. Click on this to get a bigger picture. The details are fabulous. Maybe next year....wonder if they have a Butterball themed party?

Butterball's party spread from last year. See that cake under the dome? We let him stuff himself with it. He loved it. We thought it was SO cute. Then he got all rashy and itchy and quite cranky. A month later we learned he was allergic to eggs. Live and learn. This year I am baking an egg free cake. I'm not a big baker...wish me luck!

Serious Boy
Where's my cake?

Happy Boy
Happy Birthday Butterball!! Mama loves you!!
Thank you for the outfit Gigi!!


  1. oh, I love him!! Happy Birthday, Locke!! xo M.

  2. He is soooo adorable! Those curls!

  3. Clay's face with Cricket's hair! How cute!! So he had an allergic reaction- didn't Clay have black eyes and a head wound for 2 of his early birthdays?? Happy Birthday BB!

  4. how sweet! happy birthday to him.

  5. I could eat that child with a spoon! Love the curls. He is beautiful Sissy.
    Have fun this weekend celebrating.
    Happy Birthday sweet boy.

  6. Aw, I hope Butterball has a very happy birthday!!!!!

  7. Awww... Butterball is so cute with his curly locks! I hope it's a wonderful birthday for momma and boy :-)

  8. his curly locks are precious and that smile ... cuttie pie! thanks for sharing!

  9. oh my gosh he's so cute i can't handle it!!! his curls!!!! anyway, hope it was fun!!!! xoxoxo

  10. I just found your darling site and have been scrolling back through past posts! Wanted to let you in on a great egg free cake mix for future celebrations! but the mixes are also sold at harris teeter, kroger and sometimes other grocers. My baby also has egg (peanut & soy) allergies and these mixes are such a treat for him! Our favorite is the Chocolate Cake- you won't miss the egg at all!


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