Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Awards & Trophies

I love big, old trophies and awards. I think they make great decorating accessories.

Engraved? All the better.

They give a room some personality. So what if it is someone else's personality? It still looks great.

Speaking of awards I want to thank Jeannine of Small & Chic in Cville

And Meggi at Chasing Davies for the Over The Top Blog Award.

It means a lot when other bloggers appreciate what you do.

Now if only these wonderful awards came with sterling silver trophies....

Instead I will have to be content with my kids soccer, basketball and swimming trophies. Maybe I'll paint them white like Jackie Terrell did. Think my kids would mind? Or even notice?

Thanks again to Small and Chic in Cville and Chasing Davies. Be sure to stop by their blogs and say "HI".


  1. a mutual love..........can never get enough trophies. currently finding old dog show trophies that have the breed as a figurine on top........crazy for these!
    great post once again

  2. Oh congrats on the awards! Very well-deserved. I love old trophies as well especially when they are engraved.

  3. congrats on the awards!! love trophies. i have a few. one was for cleanest bunk in 4th grade camp. a few spelling bee trophies and a couple of regional acting awards but they were all PLAQUES!!!!

  4. ah!! i could eat that little fat corgi in the 3rd picture up!


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