Monday, October 19, 2009

Blue Hydrangea Barn Sale

After the recent success of the clothing consignment sale, a few friends and I decided to have a home furnishing and accessories sale. The Blue Hydrangea Barn Sale just sounds better. It will be this Thursday and Friday, October 22 & 23. If you live in Wilmington and would like more info e-mail me:

Just a few of the items we will have for sale.

If you need some vintage glassware with gold accents and...

and love the look of vintage paint by numbers....

You may be interested in ....

There are two paintings and six glasses for sale.
They just wouldn't all fit in the picture.

Love this bedding?

How about a pillow made out of this fabulous fabric?

Dogs, paisley, gold mirror, blue ginger jar....

Yep, got you covered.

Maybe you're more the pink type...

With a little zigzag thrown in.

Got that too. Zigzag pillow available in pink, yellow or black. Vintage quilt, hand-sewn, lamp has a mate.

Maybe you like feathers and...

Blue glasses. Who wouldn't like blue glasses?

Here you go. Don't they look just like the ones from the Lonny picture above? Maybe they will be for sale....maybe I need to keep them...

I have been a busy bee getting ready and I hope to see a lot of you on Thursday or Friday. Don't feel like shopping? Stop by for a visit and a glass of wine.
I want to say a big "Thank you!" to City Chic Country Mouse. I featured their fabulous ironing board covers a few weeks ago and fell in love with the zigzag fabric. I wanted to use some in Doodle's room so I e-mailed them and they were kind enough to share their source. I love the fabric so much I ordered extra and made some pillows for the sale. If you haven't already checked out their site you can see it here.

pictures from: Blue Hydrangea, Canadian House & Home, Flickr, Country Home, BH, Domino, BH, Delight By Design, BH, Domino, MA Belle, BH, Lonny, BH.


  1. oh wow, everything looks great!! Wish Larry was not going to Colorado so I could come to Wilmington! Good luck- so much fun.

  2. Sissy:
    Please consider the yellow and pink, and blue ikat pillows sold - I REALLY want them!!!

  3. I so wish I was nearby. I would so come to your sale. I may need to have one myself. my garage is starting to look a bit crazy.

  4. Great fun! A good reason to visit Wilmington. ;-)

  5. oooh tempting but we have Chelsie's engagement party and all the bridesmaids (all 8 which is way too many but no one asked me) are getting fitted this weekend. Hope it's a success!!

  6. This sounds like SO much fun! I wish we had something like this here in Lexington!

  7. We're on opposite ends of the country but I would so be there if we lived closer!

  8. Darn! I wish I were in N.C.! Hope you have a great time!

  9. You should just move the whole barn sale to Oslo, Norway, would have been SOOO much better!!! ;D

  10. What a great idea, I wish I lived closer I would totally come and buy it all up!

  11. What a great idea! Let us know how it goes. I might have to follow suit before we move.

  12. how fun!!! i might just have to make a trip up to wilmington.

  13. Oh I wish I could be there - sounds like an amazing sale! I love your zigzag pillows! When I first saw them I thought I can't believe she is getting rid of that gorgeous zigzag pillow! Then I read on and realized that you made them! Beautiful! Sounds like you and your friends will have a fun couple of days! Where can I find some of that gorgeous ikat fabric?

  14. love all the photos in this post..i spy domino..

  15. Wish I could make it. Looks like there will be some fabulous finds!


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