Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bedroom Redo Part Two

The bedroom I mentioned yesterday is for a teenager with lots of style. She wants something fun and young and not too stiff. I saw a couple of pictures I thought I would throw out there for her. See what kind of reaction I get.

First I found this image on Daily Imprint. It showcases the art of Rachel Castle. Totally love this over sized piece.

Felt and wool embroidered on linen.

So simple and perfect.

A piece of art is a great inspiration piece to get a room started.
It can lead to all kinds of things.

Like this chair I stumbled across on Wilmington Yard Sale. Do you love it or have I lost my mind? The fabric doesn't even bother me, but picture it freshly recovered. In what, I haven't decided yet and sadly it doesn't matter. Before I could e-mail the seller it was sold. Dang it!! But the color of the chair led me to....

This pillow from Fabicadabra.

You've got to check it out.

You'll find all kinds of treats in bright, happy colors.

Then the pink in the pillow reminded me of this rug from Madeline Weinrib.
I call it happiness for your feet.
I tell you, I was whipping all over the web.

Not into pink? What about yellow?

I am not saying you would put all this in one room. I am just throwing out ideas to see what gets a thumbs up or a thumbs down. See anything you like?

When I was a teenager I shared a room with my sister and it was decorated in Laura Ashley. Peach and periwinkle. It's enough to make you queasy isn't it?

Up next a more bohemian room in blues. We'll see what sticks.


  1. of course I had a Laura Ashley room, too- thought it was gor-geous! I adore that artwork- oh my gosh, it makes a room! Too bad about the fab chair- it would've been perfect. I love chairs. What colors does she love?

  2. haha i had laura ashley too!! love that chair and actually even loved the color!! which type of headboard did she decide to go with?

  3. I love the huge colorful print- it looks so happy and youthful. Could you make a fabric headboard using a print similar to the pillows?
    Can't wait to see the room's reveal!

  4. The first image is amazing. I'm so glad you showed the detail. It almost looks like a print from a distance but up close you can appreciate all the work that went into creating it.

  5. I am a big fan of lots of color! Love these ideas!

  6. I actually really like that chair! bummer! I love the yellow pillow that was inspired by it.

  7. Great happy post. Love that chair, someone went home with an outstanding shape. Love the color too.

    Laura Ashley? Nope, at 12, I picked an entire room in Black and White mattress ticking. It was wonderful. I could do another room like that today.

  8. Ohhh I love the yellow pillow and yellow rug! And I also love your blog! :)

  9. that is a great chair and I even like the color of it. My bedroom was very Brady Bunchish...but I was allowed to choose the lime green shag carpet-I wanted purple but they did not have it! My brother's room was even better Red shag and bicentennial wallpaper with stripes and soldiers!

  10. I die! Seriously, all bananas aside, i love all the color and think it's so perfect for a teen. Loving that art!

  11. Love the art work. I am going to visit that website now! The chair is great and the pillows, too!

  12. I love the headboards you posted yesterday, and loving all this color today! I especially love that felt piece, so tactile! I think it could totally be a DIY project, too :-)

  13. CRAZY about the artwork - and all it inspired! Drats on the missed chair - it was shagadelic, in a totally-teenager-would-love kind of way! Keep the hits coming!

  14. I love those pillows, obsessed is more like it- I think any hip girl would love them.


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