Friday, September 25, 2009

What I'm Loving..

Here are a few things I am loving right now.
Thought it would be nice to share!

Annabel Grey Fabrics

Have you heard of Annabele Grey fabrics? I hadn't either, but happened to stumble across Print Pattern Blog and the post on these fabulous fabrics. Love the bright fun colors and whimsical patterns.

I could so see this in a little girls room...

Or a big girls room.

Or a kitchen in the country.
The fabric is so full of personality. Check it out here.

Do you read Pink Wallpaper? I am sure you do, but if you don't you should start. I love Shannon's style and she always finds the best images. Now she has added an on-line store to share the wealth of goodies from her attic. The Designer's Attic.

Shannon updates the site frequently. So frequently that I have missed out on some real treasures. This chandelier for example sold for $50.

And this mercury glass lamp sold for $30. Whoever got this lamp is one lucky girl..or boy. Changed your mind? E-mail me! I had actually thought of doing something similar but Shanon's stuff is better than my stuff and you can't beat the prices.

Tired of seeing what you can't have? This door knocker is always available and would add such a fun touch to your front door. Price to give your front door a little personality? $40. Enjoyment it will bring you? Priceless.
Be sure to check out The Designer's Attic here.

Last but not least Old Navy. I am very happy with ON right now. I almost bought a pair of AG Boyfriend jeans at Anthropologie for almost $200. I hesitated because 1. that is what I do and 2. the fit wasn't quite right. While in Old Navy I saw these jeans. The Weekend Jeans. They fit perfectly. And cost $20. Now I don't mind spending money on jeans. You wear them everyday. I'd rather spend $200 on jeans than on a cocktail dress I wear once. But $20? I can hardly stand myself I am so excited.

Then I found these Boot Cut Cords on sale for $15. I have underwear that cost more than that. Well, for the 3 pack anyway. They are very flattering, contrary to how this picture looks. I am sure the photographer said "This is not high fashion. We are selling to middle America, hike your pants up like a big Goober."
Check out Old Navy.

That is what I am loving right now. What about you? See anything you like?

And a big Thank You to Sarah at Real Estate Style for another Honest Scrap Award!!! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to receive these awards from my
fellow bloggers. Please be sure to check out Sarah's blog here.

Have a great weekend!


  1. you always make me laugh. Now, you look good in all pants, so the Old Navy tips may not be quite right for everyone, but of course I want to rush right out...I just LOVE the Designer's Attic and was quite unhappy to miss out on the mercury glass lamp. I couldhave found a place for that lamp! Also, she sold that fab dresser that used to be in her garage. I would have gladly forced myself to go to Charleston to pick that up. Let's go to Charleston, Sissy! We could go buy stuff from Shannon's garage. Oh, and I have never heard of Annabel Grey, but I LOVE that fabric- it is so happy!

  2. When you're thin, you can get away w/less expensive stuff! I need to go try on those jeans Not Your Daughters Jeans I saw at Macys or Belks- think they squeeze you in. Or I could save money and just eat less junk and throw in some exercise....

  3. I am loving the wonderful selection of Fall boots at Target! I was also going to buy a pair of brown riding boots for $175, and I found a great look-alike at Target for $30! Now, they're real leather of course but they are adorable! I also love those fabrics.I have never seen them before, but I am an instant fan! Lastly, I am loving the blog Little Green Notebook

    Happy Weekend :)

  4. ooooh! that fabric on the window is lovely. i could see that in my kitchen. very quirky and bright with my black walls!!!

  5. The fabric is so fun. Loving Shannon's new blog. Great idea!

    I just bought some jeans at ON last week... and I'm loving them. I've gotten several compliments on them. A reminder to myself that $20 gets me something that works just fine... I almost bought the cords- but didn't. Now I want to go back and get them in the dark gray color. I might just do that... I mean $15!?!

  6. loving that fabric, and I am addicted to see what shannon posts next, and I just bought a few pair of jeans from Old Navy for the kiddies. Great post.

  7. You really crack me up! How fun is that sofa?! I love it.

  8. fun fabric! and shannon's attic stash is killing me, too. did you see that chest!!! I wanted to pick and move to SC to get it.

    will have to check out Old Navy -- thanks for the tip! have a great weekend.

  9. Ok, you made me laugh out loud with your comment about what the photographer was thinking when he took the picture of the cords! Have a great weekend...I'm heading into mine with a smile...thanks to you!

  10. Sissy! You are KEEEEELLING me with all that stuff sold in the "Designer's Attic" ... that was just heartbreaking! Oh well, maybe I can get in on the next good deal :-). I love that sofa--really, really adorable! Have a great weekend!

  11. Funny, I kinda like the idea that the cords might be on the high side to cover my mother stomach.

  12. What a great find, I'll have to make a trip to ON to see what they have going on.

    Have a good weekend!

  13. I love Annabel Grey Fabrics as well. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  14. SISSY!! you are too sweet! thank you so much for telling people about my new blog. i am sorry i haven't commented earlier but i am out of town...i actually meet someone today in beaufort who recognized me from my blog and she was the one who told me that you posted this. i was so taken aback. thank you, thank you.

  15. I LOVE that fabric! thanks so much for the tip - I am going to the website right now!

  16. Love the fabric too! I've been sewing a lot lately and always looking for good fabric! Love the jeans too! Can't go wrong with a good deal like that!

  17. Ah that fabric! I love it! So fun. And I somehow missed the Designer's Attic(???) so am off to look at that!

  18. Very cute fabrics...someday I would like a cottage by the sea and that would be the perfect sofa to have in it : ) But for now, I think I will check out ON's cords and denim. Enjoy your day..

  19. Love the whimsical colorful and free.


  20. That mercury glass lamp for $30...!!!! Dying here!

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