Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Comments

Are the best! I got a comment last week on my What Would You Do post. I always try to check out other's blogs and I got the nicest surprise when I went to Russell Sprouts. Niki was selling these fabulous curtains.

Schumacher Arklow Paisley.
It was funny because I almost got this fabric for the curtains in my den. Because of the expense, I went with something else. But Niki is selling the panels for $125 each. That is less than it would cost to buy the fabric.

I thought maybe they would work in my living room which is in desperate need of curtains. Sadly the colors didn't work at all.

I wasn't ready to give up so I tried my bedroom. They would work if I changed some bedding, but the big kicker was that I was going to need to have 2 more panels made. Niki has 6 panels, 3 sets, for sale. I needed 8 panels for the bedroom. Things were getting out of hand. Does that ever happen to you?

These have got to work for one of my readers!! I love these curtains and want them to find a good home. The fabric is fabulous and they are beautifully made. Interested? Contact Niki at Russell Sprouts or click here.
If you do decide that you can not live without these curtains and would like some extra fabric e-mail me. My sister can order you a few extra yards for pillows. Aren't we efficient?

On that same post I mentioned I had been looking for some brown and white striped fabric and a reader, mb, said she had seen some at The Fabric Factory in Dallas. One phone call later and a sample was in the mail. See? Comments are the best and so are my readers!! Thank you mb!! If you get a chance send me your e-mail.

Here's the sample gathered and thumb-tacked to my french doors. I love the looks of it in this picture, but in real life it is more of a butterscotch brown and I need chocolate brown. I think I have a problem and I may seek professional help. Decorating, not psychiatric. Although both may not be a bad idea. Anyway, I do love this fabric and I will find another use for it!!

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and support. I love hearing from you!!


  1. they are gorgeous! Decorating your own house id so much harder.

  2. I went back and forth about using the brown and white stripe in my family room. The price is right and the weight of the fabric is too.
    In my case, the brown would work. There are some Belgian linen slip covered chairs in there and a newly covered down couch and settee in cream. All good. But I didn't want to commit to the bold stripe. Hmmm. You may have nudged me to reconsider.
    I am impressed that you chased down the suggestion.
    My email?

  3. One more thing. I have had striped curtains made for a client by buying two fabrics and having my seamstress piece together the stripes. It was really successful. I did vertical bold stripes, but I don't see why you couldn't do horizontal if they were cut well. Just saying.

  4. Love the fabric... but understand when you have a particular color in mind. The stripes look great though!

  5. Comments are the best! Great advice from mb about sewing strips of fabric together to make your own striped panels. Now why didn't I think of that?

  6. I have been on a blogging hiatus the past week. I guess you are now awarded a 3rd Honest Scrap award! Was going to tell you, then saw you have already gotten some! You have a great blog!

  7. I wish I had a use for those because they are really pretty- I love the pattern on them. Blog comments are the best and bloggers are so nice and willing to help out when needed. I love that about blogging.

  8. I was going to suggest the same thing as mb - when you can't find it out there somewhere - make it yourself. Anxious to hear what you end up doing!

  9. And I forgot to mention - I LOVE the paisley fabric but, sadly, I don't have a home for them :(

  10. Oh I love your striped fabric. That curtain looks perfect there!

  11. The paisely is gorgeous! It's a shame you can't use it :-( I know how you feel though... I fall in love with something and it then requires me to change 100 other things to work with it!! Ah well, such is the life of a person in love with design! I'm glad everyone reached out to help you out, tho!

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