Thursday, September 3, 2009


I was in Target the other day and saw the cutest clothes for Fall.

Everything is $12.99 or less.
Wouldn't this be perfect with jeans, a white t and cardigan? Or maybe a big bag made out of the same fabric. I love the blues and browns.

Dress or tunic. Gladiators now, jeans and ballet flats later.

This looks a little springy but I loved the flowers on it.

You have got to admit this looks just like Mini Boden or Crewcuts.

How cute would this be with some boots and a giant flower pin? All these choices are little funny for me because I am not a pink person. Love it on others, not on me. But just because I don't wear it doesn't mean I can't share it with you. I want my readers to look good. I can't have Blue Hydrangea readers looking shleppy.

Now don't get too excited.. Unless you are two years old. You guessed it. These adorable clothes were all in the toddler section. Now I have been known to squeeze myself into an XL in the children's department before at Old Navy and Gap, but I don't think I stand a chance in the toddler department. But boy if I had a baby girl, I would be shopping like crazy. The boy's stuff?? Not so cute!

I did find something good for us big girls. By big girls I mean age NOT size!!
Actually Betsy P found them and was kind enough to share her deal with me. Can you stand them? Don't they look just like the Frye boots?

This is the Frye harness boot for $200. The Target boot is $49. Don't you just love Target? I saw the boot in person and you really can't tell the difference. O.K. Go. Shop. Let me know what you find.


  1. I was starting to get excited for Lily, but I guess I can't squeeze an 8 yr. old into toddler stuff either. Knew I hadn't seen any of these great finds {except the yeloow dress w/ric rac- also in big girl sizes!}. I do need to check out those boots. I wonder if they're comfy?

  2. It seems I need to make a trip to target for my little lady. Oh, and the boots do just look like my fryes.

  3. That yellow dress with the pink flowers would have been perfect for my little daughter. What a great collection of toddler clothes! Love what you picked out!

  4. I agree, Target has a great selection of boots this season! I have already picked up a pair! Thanks again

  5. I love Target! Those dresses are just too cute and the prices are fantastic.

  6. Uh oh...Think my Visa is already on fire!

  7. I can't get to target fast enough for those boots!!!!

  8. I have two girls who are going to love all of it! Thanks for the tip. Headed to Target tomorrow!

  9. So.... I have the second dress. From Target in the little girl's dept. I have an XL--- it was way to wide so I just took it up on both sides. I've worn it all summer w/ little flats. I've gotten so many compliments on it!

  10. My friend got the boots from Target, they look identical to the Frye's...what a steal!


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