Friday, September 4, 2009


Yesterday was the first day of Preschool for Butterball. We were so brave. No one cried.

Here he is checking out the playground. If you look closely you can see the climbing gym is built to resemble our church, First Presbyterian. It even has a rooster weather vane on top just like the real steeple. Creative details. Gotta love it. (He's wearing a a name tag with his real name on it, I wrote Butterball underneath. I am not sure if he knows his real name)

Here he is in his classroom.
I said he didn't cry. I never said he wasn't worried.

This is the moment he saw me at the end of the day and took off running. I know, couldn't you just cry?
That's his teacher, Mrs. Maria, cheering him on in the background.

He had a ball and was so happy. I think he is trying to whistle here.

Being down at the church preschool got me thinking about churches converted into homes, so I decided to look some up. Most of them were not all that attractive. Who would have thought? I did find one I thought was interesting.

Quaint and charming I found this on Modern Prairie Girl.

It is from Cookie Magazine.

I think they did a pretty good job and I love that chandelier.
It pays to live in an old church when you have a light fixture the size of a Volkswagen.

The church bench is a nice touch.
I don't know if I could live in a converted church. I prefer quirky and cozy over cathedral ceilings and baptismal fonts. Plus, wouldn't the organ keep you awake?

P.S. What is going on over at the neighbors'?
Converted Nike shoebox? Different in a good way or just different??

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


  1. That photo of him worrying is hilarious- remember we called Clay the worried old man for making that face? He is precious-love the happy shots when he sees you! I gotta come see him

  2. you're funny. Love the picture of L. running to Mama at the end of the day! on

  3. Awww.... love the whistling pic of Butterball! He is adorable! Also the animal print blankie is just precious! Thanks for sharing and have a great holiday weekend! Enjoying it should be easier since Butterball's first day is over with. I was always more apprehensive than my kids!

  4. butterball is delicious. and that church house is way cool. but i think if i lived in a church house i would probably spontaneously catch on fire. or i would wake up with some kind of cross mark embedded into my forehead.

  5. Gotta love that end-of-the-day run to Mommy! Makes my heart melt each time! Your sweetie is definitely a keeper!

  6. aw, that is so sweet- the picture of him running to you is just the sweetest!

  7. Cute kid. He must look like his father.

  8. Every mom has to just love the picture of your precious boy running to you at the end of the day! Looking forward to that moment is what gives us the courage to drop them off the first day. Thanks for making me smile!

  9. Awwww. That worried face is just so cute... poor little guy! And that run to Mommy at the end of the day is adorable. I came home last night to some really happy cats, but something tells me that's just not the same :-)!!! Thank you again for the guest blog, it was so fun to have you! Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Oh my gosh. He is precious. Loved seeing these photos!

  11. He is too precious! And aren't you a brave mommy? I'm afraid I won't be. Ah ha

  12. It must have been a relief to see him so happy after his first day. That first picture is a classic.

  13. Oh my how cute and yummy is Butterball!!! So happy to see he had a great first day of school!!!

  14. The first day of school story is absolutely precious. I love the look on his face - "WHAT are you doing to me?"

  15. butterball's a cutie! and i like the church house- pretty cool- although i couldn't live in one. what if ghosts really are real??

  16. Oh his little face so worried made me tear up a bit. Im soo proud that you held it togther.
    Today Hailey (Goddaughter extraordiniare) started 3rd grade back in Michigan & she called me as she headed in...yup it was 5:30am here but the chit chat was divine & when she remembered her first day of everything before when I was there..we both got a bit weepy.
    Enjoy it goes by in a blink.


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