Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Off to San Fransico

OK not really, but I am off to guest blog for Lilah at Urban Sardines based in San Fransisco. Lilah has been with Blue Hydrangea since way back. She was one of the first to support my blog and leave me comments. For those of you with blogs you know what it is like in the beginning when you are just starting to get comments and realize someone out there is reading. It's the best. Since then we have kept in touch and I have loved watching her blog grow. Please be sure to check out one of my favorite posts here. And another here.

This is a hint of my post topic for today.
Sofia or Sophia? There seemed to be more info with "Sophia" so that is what I went with. Right or wrong I don't know. Just enjoy the pictures. Check it out here.


  1. Love Sofia Coppola's style. She will go down as a style icon of our age. I could never wear half of what she does (and look decent) but she wears everything with such ease. She was fabulously chic during her her pregnancy!

  2. you could wear that dress. And don't grow up- I like you the way you are. She's fab.

  3. Going over now to read your guest post...

  4. Enjoyed your post over at urban sardines...and, yes, I know how it feels when you start writing a blog and someone comments on a post because you have done that for me! It IS the best! Thanks!

  5. I love Sofia's style as well. Now, only if Marc Jacobs would name a bag or design a collection after me. One could only dream.


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